Our future generations are unfortunately being targeted by marketers, with companies succeeding in possessing the young minds of children around the country. When it comes to selling products, is there such thing as crossing a line? The answer is absolutely. However, large corporations do not seem to care about the damage they are causing upon youth, parents, and society as a whole. It is completely mind blowing to see the ways children are sucked in by what marketers are selling. The worst part of it all is, children are not only being consumed in these products, but also the values that come along with them.

It is difficult not to nod your head in agreement when the nag factor is dissected in the documentary. Marketers are the overall puppet masters and encourage kids to nag their parents for the products they are selling to them. The industry is teaching kids to be manipulative and do whatever they can to get what they want. The process of getting to the child first in order to get to the parent is a never-ending pattern that many do not even recognize.

Is it the parent’s fault that their kids are being presented with negative forms of media? The industry is mainly to blame with parents being gatekeepers, but it is impossible for parents to be with their children around the clock. The problem goes even further with schools being full of ads, products, and values being thrown at students.

It is beginning not to matter what is right or wrong, but rather how much money the industry or anyone involved is getting out of it. If children are convinced that life is about buying and getting, then they will grow into the super consumers the industry wants them to be.

Kids influence the spending of $700 billion a year, so why not take advantage of their purchasing power right? This scary hole that future generations are being dug into is not only wrong, but it is unhealthy. There is undoubtedly a link between kids being super consumers and the health problems that are rapidly increasing. Buying the minds of children seems to be unfortunately leading to buying some time off of their lives as well.

It is creepy that this goes as far as following children into bathrooms and studying how many times their eyes blink in front of a television. It is almost as if corporations are wiring the minds of children to think and respond the way they want them to. Before you know it, childhoods are going to be even more different in generations to come.

There is a major line being crossed and the industry is taking media research to an entirely new level. This level is one that does not allow kids to be kids anymore. Transforming youth into nagging individuals who always need a screen in front of their faces is sending our future generations down a very dark road.

Children are disturbingly being dissected by marketers. This is to the point where parents cannot protect their own children. How can they when schools are going as far as having fieldtrips to places like Petco and Sports Authority? It is unbelievable that marketers are analyzing youth in their own homes, going as far as following kids into schools. A place that is supposed to be providing knowledge is providing distracting ads and negative values. Furthermore, telling students not what to think, but what to think about. This proves how just about anyone can be bought, even the people who are supposed to be protecting the innocence of kids rather then selling it.

If the idea of ‘what you buy is who you are’ continues to go on then even more problems are going to surface. Materialistic values will take away the reality of what is actually important. Most importantly, this trend to make children consumers even faster is resulting in kids not being allowed to be kids anymore.

These values marketed to children are not okay, causing problems for our society and our future. Highly sexualized, violent, and materialistic children may earn companies money, but the big picture is a very disturbing one.

In all, society is telling the youth their imagination is not good enough. To be happy or popular they must have particular items. They must not only have products, but they must have expensive products that are brand worthy. When you think of a child playing outside do you picture them in a Calvin Klein jacket and some Prada shoes? This would look weird to many people now, but soon enough it is going to be the “ideal look”.

Child play is no longer simple or inexpensive with the innocence of it gradually being taken away. From the moment they are born, children become targets for marketers. While they know the earlier they get into the child’s head, the easier it will be to sell to them as consumers.

Raising awareness that this is an issue in society is the first step to fixing it. Change needs to be made in terms of the way children are being sucked in by companies. The industry as a whole needs to change their approach and think of the damage being caused rather then just the income they are making. This is obviously difficult to do, considering how much money corporations are making, but sending the message that children’s minds should not be for sale is a good start.