You all knew Lindsay Lohan as the adorable little girl in the Parent Trap and now everyone knows her as the troubled young celebrity who has involved herself with bad behavior and many run ins with the law. She has been all over the news for her constant drinking and usage of drugs, along with her DUI charges in 2007. Lohan has been in rehab as of last year and continues to be the center of attention for Imagepaparazzi.

While she has been claiming she has changed her ways, a recent incident at a club has given Lohan negative publicity yet again. A woman is accusing Lindsay Lohan of assaulting her this month at the Standard Hotel in West Hollywood.  A week after the incident Lohan was reportedly witnessed at the scene again. This time there were complaints that she cursed a woman out and threw a drink at her. While Lohan claims none of this happened, witnesses have apparently come forward.

All of the Lohan fans out there would love to believe the new and improved Lindsay is innocent of these accusations, but due to her track record it seems likely she has gotten herself into another mess. In the public eye, Lindsay Lohan is far from redeeming herself.

A strategy to turn Lohan’s image around and recover herself from these recent events would be to launch a foundation to help young people fight addiction. This ad campaign would have Lindsay Lohan using her past mistakes to help other troubled individuals. Prior to this launch, a press conference should be held apologizing for her actions and taking responsibility for the recent incidents.

A sincere speech on what Lohan has learned and how she is turning her life around would provide sympathy for what she has been going through. Showing herself as vulnerable and empathetic would allow her image of reckless to fade away. This campaign can potentially backfire if Lohan continues to show bad behavior in the public eye. With headlines continuing to show Lohan partying, nobody will believe she has changed let alone leading a foundation as a responsible young woman.


Everyone makes mistakes and admitting hers would show she has taken responsibility for them.Publicly speaking about her issues and explaining she is only human like the rest of us would allow many people to relate to her. Millions of people have made mistakes and poor life choices similar to Lindsay Lohans. The only difference is hers are just blown up constantly by the media and her every move is under a microscope.  Taking these steps to explain her side to the public would convince the world that the new and improved Lindsay Lohan is finally here.