France, Italy, America – they are all basically the same place. Not really, but distance does not mean the same as it did years ago. This is because it is 2035 and we have gone the distance. The year has come where the world is one and yes, cars can indeed fly.

Image           Countries all over the world are up to date on technology, placing everyone on the same page. We now live in a world where everyone is working together and world peace has finally been reached. With everyone hand in hand and world peace existing, nearly everyone is happily employed. The universe is now at your fingertips, literally.

The Smart Armbands have become one of the many inventions in 2035. It is a mix of a laptop, smartphone, and television all on the tip of your sleeve. It provides you with anything or anyone at any time. Medical advances also tie into this gadget. This “robotic” sleeve simply alerts you when it senses anything abnormal with your body.


With these upgrades you can do just about anything. You can be out there saving the world, while still making time for a quick family dinner due to flying cars.

Let us not forget about exercise. All watches now calculate the daily intake of every person, informing you what exercises you should do that day and for how long. Flying shuttles are all over the world with fantastic destinations full of adventure. These destinations are usually outdoors and allow citizens of this utopia to participate in activities, getting more involved with nature.

News is more precise and quickly attained with journalists being able to be anywhere at any time. As being a part of this utopian, life is perfect. As an advertiser, every consumer can be reached through all of these devises. Problems within communication are basically non- existent. At this point, every problem does in fact have a solution.

It is 2035 and nothing can be better.

Just kidding…

Dear poor generation of 3000,

The year is now 2035 and I would like to take this time to apologize in advance. Before I continue, I would like to put it out there that carbs do exist and no teleporting yourself to the fridge is not considered exercise. There was a time when our advancements in technology were a blessing, but by the time you read this I am sure you will have realized that this is no longer the case.


Social media has given this world up-rise, but in the year 3000 it will be responsible for its downfall. All of society has become just too consumed in technology that it has put everyone in a trance. Nobody is aware of any world other then the one inside their screens. Lazy and oblivious describes most of society, while the rest are making money off of them.

The minds behind all of these advancements are making millions, while everyone else is hitting rock bottom.Citizens everywhere are even losing all of their money in virtual games like Second Life. America has become a society of obese and anti- social individuals who do not know the true meaning of a relationship anymore. Going outdoors for any reason other then to get into your transportation vehicle is extremely rare.

Image  Reality is fading, while humanity is diminishing. People seem to have stopped acting like human beings and more so like robots. The way it is looking it honestly would not be shocking if robots did become the population. Technology has surfaced in the past, but now it has completely taken over.