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Killing Us Softly is an amazing documentary by Jean Kilbourne that shows us the unfortunate reality of women in today’s society. After watching, I can say that I have been looking at many advertisements in a completely different way. It opened my eyes to what women are actually representing and just how bad it has gotten. Constantly being judged and measured up to fake standards, women are literally disappearing. Kilbourne made a sad yet true statement that women around the world are aiming for the size zero, but at the same time their goal is leading to physically disappearing all together.

This mindset to have the perfect body is getting worse because this obsession is starting at younger ages then ever before. The most disturbing of it all is the sexualization of little girls. Young girls are seeing all of these images around them and receiving the message that sex is the only thing that Imagematters. They are realizing early on that they will be judged and this is not how anyone, especially children should be feeling. Even reality shows like Toddlers in Tiaras unfortunately provides entertainment for some people. You know there is a problem when there is a show based upon making little girls pretty and having their mothers attempt to doll them up regardless of how drastic the measures being taken are.

 Women in society fought so hard in the past to receive rights as individuals and now it seems okay that women be referred to as objects? These simple ads that represent women in our culture are not only affecting how we feel, but also the standards that are set for us. Women wonder why some men can be so shallow, but all of that criticism is shaped from society. Everything around us is saying we are not skinny or beautiful enough. In terms of these standards that we are measured up against, we will never be good enough. Advertisements and society forgets to tell all the women out there that there is no such thing as perfection. This goal that women set for themselves to measure up to what they see, does not exist.

 What was most shocking was the proof that everything we see is faker then I had imagined. All of these women on magazines or on television are the people everyone aims to look like, even when they do not even look like that themselves. It is a shame that women judge themselves everyday in the mirror all because of Photoshop and touchups on a computer. Furthermore, some ads even combine a few women into the image of one so she has all of the perfect features, although “she” is not a real person.

“The more you subtract, the more you add?” What kind of message are women getting?  Clearly the type of message that is setting our gender back and making horrible double standards hard to get rid of. They Imageare only getting worse, and the worst part is that it is consuming our culture. These concepts that are being sold to us, tell us who we are and what we should be. Women have more rights today, but how far have we really come?

Sex will sell for a long time and these advertisements will likely remain appealing to our culture, but awareness needs to circulate that these social norms are not okay. Women should not continue to live under this microscope analyzing every flaw on themselves, nor should women be dehumanized and seen as objects. If society will not change, individuals have to realize they should not change for it. Women need to look at what is really in front of them and more importantly what is within them. They need to look beyond the false ads and nonexistent perfections; and look at their importance as individuals. Society can tell you what “perfection” is, but ultimately you shape your own.


Growing up, most little girls want to be a princess. They dream about the day they will meet their prince charming and all of their dreams that are going to come true. Boys are usually thinking about their battles with villains and their adventures as cowboys. Whether it is a child or adult, everyone has an imagination. What we see and consume, though, shapes our imagination. Disney in itself is the “land where all dreams come true”, right?

Growing up, surrounded by the Disney culture, it is difficult not to be sucked in by all the loveable characters, happy endings, and their land of make believe. Critics take Disney and pick it apart as this evil corporation with hidden messages in their films. The happy stories we all grew up indulged in are now being depicted as inappropriate and setting bad values.


Every child needs fantasies in their life, just some of Disney’s were not as pure as many thought. Over the years, Disney has made changes in their production and have been creating films with more variety. Race is not shown in a negative light as it was in movies like Tarzan. Disney is now creating films with princesses who are not just white, but of different cultures. This is definitely a step in the right direction because every child should be able to connect with the films, not just one distinct group of children.

Females in the majority of movies were also depicted as “perfect”. Disney along with society puts pressures on girls to be their version of beautiful, being skinny and having big glimmering eyes. These portrayals of women set bad examples of what beauty actually is, giving girls the impression they have Imageto look like this. However, this is a shallow representation made by Disney along with the rest of society. Everywhere you look, you see society’s distorted image of what they deem as beautiful.

Disney has made controversial films and displayed some faulty values, but that should not take away the attributions it as a corporation has given to American culture. Most of people’s memories as a child in some way include Disney, with the majority of those memories being good. Disney had so much impact on many childhoods and few would actually say it was not positive or a happy experience. It would seem unfamiliar if that did not continue to go on in the future.

In essence our favorite classics were not the perfect fairytales that Disney tried to make them seem, but that would not change my decision to watch them now. Our generation did not realize then what they were representing, just as kids do not now.

Just as Disney is guilty in terms of negative representation of values, society is just as bad. People see the many flaws in this huge corporation, but there is undoubtedly enough blame to go around.

“There are always two sides of every coin”, Raymond Tay states and he is absolutely right. Social media impacts society drastically, whether that is negative or positive depends on how we use it. The influence of social media has touched every aspect of America. It has changed society politically, economically, and socially.

Ideas are being exchanged so quickly through social networking sites that change is inevitable. Tay brings up the “new C’s: creativity, communication, connection, creation, community, collaboration, and competition.” These words are shaping our culture and they mean differently then they did years ago. These C’s are basically intertwined into one, the world of social networking. Tay reminds us that there are now new ideas, new products, and new interests.

The game has now changed and it is more elaborate than ever. What we do, what we see, and how we make decisions are now revolving around social networking. This new game is you as the consumer, unknowingly being controlled by social media.


However, social media certainly has its advantages. It not only influences us what to buy,but it helps us decide who to vote for. The Obama election in 2008 is a great example of social media’s impact in society.Obama’s campaign brilliantly used social networking to reach out to the public, making people feel their ideas were important. He not only received large amounts of funding because of this, but citizens’ felt “connected” with him and gave him their votes.

From deciding what to buy due to consumer reports or getting involved in the aftermath of natural disasters, social networking sites play a key role. It is undoubtedly changing the communication style of this generation. You can communicate with just about anyone at anytime with just a click of a button. This not only impacts you, but every part of society.

Job markets such as journalism, advertising and public relations are changing right along with the social networking trends. Journalism is becoming less focused on print, but more so on web based systems. Furthermore, kindles and ipads are being purchased as storytellers by some customers rather then actual books. Advertisers can reach more consumers more often with sites such as Facebook. Everyone’s interests and tastes are basically

Imagehanded over on a silver platter for all to see with websites made just for that. This gives advertisers what they need to know and easy ways to attract buyers.

On the negative side, social networking has its ways of ruining relationships and invading privacy. Aside from the obvious problems surfacing with lack of face-to-face communication and too much exposure, there are even larger issues at hand.

“The term, Social Networking, has begun to deceive the users to believe they are social creatures.” This probably is not shocking to many people, which in itself says enough. Is this the road we want to be going down in Imagecommunicating with each other? An example that immediately pops to mind is the game Second Life. Innocent game play on your Internet or gaming system is normal, but when you are spending more time with virtual characters rather then actual people, there is a problem.

Just as Raymond Tay says, social networking is like a knife. It can be used for good or bad, but that entirely depends on you.

France, Italy, America – they are all basically the same place. Not really, but distance does not mean the same as it did years ago. This is because it is 2035 and we have gone the distance. The year has come where the world is one and yes, cars can indeed fly.

Image           Countries all over the world are up to date on technology, placing everyone on the same page. We now live in a world where everyone is working together and world peace has finally been reached. With everyone hand in hand and world peace existing, nearly everyone is happily employed. The universe is now at your fingertips, literally.

The Smart Armbands have become one of the many inventions in 2035. It is a mix of a laptop, smartphone, and television all on the tip of your sleeve. It provides you with anything or anyone at any time. Medical advances also tie into this gadget. This “robotic” sleeve simply alerts you when it senses anything abnormal with your body.


With these upgrades you can do just about anything. You can be out there saving the world, while still making time for a quick family dinner due to flying cars.

Let us not forget about exercise. All watches now calculate the daily intake of every person, informing you what exercises you should do that day and for how long. Flying shuttles are all over the world with fantastic destinations full of adventure. These destinations are usually outdoors and allow citizens of this utopia to participate in activities, getting more involved with nature.

News is more precise and quickly attained with journalists being able to be anywhere at any time. As being a part of this utopian, life is perfect. As an advertiser, every consumer can be reached through all of these devises. Problems within communication are basically non- existent. At this point, every problem does in fact have a solution.

It is 2035 and nothing can be better.

Just kidding…

Dear poor generation of 3000,

The year is now 2035 and I would like to take this time to apologize in advance. Before I continue, I would like to put it out there that carbs do exist and no teleporting yourself to the fridge is not considered exercise. There was a time when our advancements in technology were a blessing, but by the time you read this I am sure you will have realized that this is no longer the case.


Social media has given this world up-rise, but in the year 3000 it will be responsible for its downfall. All of society has become just too consumed in technology that it has put everyone in a trance. Nobody is aware of any world other then the one inside their screens. Lazy and oblivious describes most of society, while the rest are making money off of them.

The minds behind all of these advancements are making millions, while everyone else is hitting rock bottom.Citizens everywhere are even losing all of their money in virtual games like Second Life. America has become a society of obese and anti- social individuals who do not know the true meaning of a relationship anymore. Going outdoors for any reason other then to get into your transportation vehicle is extremely rare.

Image  Reality is fading, while humanity is diminishing. People seem to have stopped acting like human beings and more so like robots. The way it is looking it honestly would not be shocking if robots did become the population. Technology has surfaced in the past, but now it has completely taken over.