While beginning to watch Mickey Mouse Monopoly numerous childhood memories immediately came to mind. All of the characters, songs, and admiration for all of my favorite Disney characters filled my head. I felt that giddy feeling all over again that I felt when I was a little girl. However, that feeling slowly went away as I watched more of this documentary. As many people know, Disney is not as innocent as it is portrayed. I have known this for quite some time, but not to the extent that I saw before my eyes. There seems to be a lot more corruption in Disney than I ever envisioned, but then again maybe I just did not want to realize it for myself. Underneath the so-called “innocence”, Disney is not so magical. It is portrayed as this land where dreams come true, but what are they actually teaching children? As many others, I grew up in this fantasy world that Disney has created. Their movies and products that are so easy to love in fact depict not so lovable representations. In my opinion, I feel Disney has helped make many childhoods happy and unforgettable, but it is more about the underlining message. This documentary opened my eyes to what has been in front of me for years, but their engaging entertainment blocked me from noticing it. Their representations of gender roles, races, and violence were mind blowing to watch after never catching on in earlier years. Is this what Disney is teaching the young minds worldwide? Undoubtedly media influences the way we think, but is this really the way anyone should be thinking? All girls should grow up with the perfect body and get what they want by seducing men is not an appropriate message to be sending. Where are the movies with a working, smart woman who is not controlled by her husband’s dominance in the relationship… or women who stand up for themselves instead of always having to be rescued? People may argue that these films would not sell, but if that is the case then there is a bigger problem in our society. The “social norms” that are presented have shaped many people’s mind in a negative way. The worst part is the “social norms” depicted by Disney and any other corporation will only change if they do. Unfortunately they are in control and we all are just the consumers who are easily drawn in with what they are giving us.