If you were to bet someone they could not go a few days without media, they would probably laugh. They would either say it is impossible or claim that they do not depend on any form of media; that in fact it would simply not be a problem. However, I admit I would normally be that person stating, “Going without media would be a piece of cake.” That my friend is called denial.

For starters, I willingly deactivated my Facebook to accept the challenge of media avoidance. Waking up and not immediately checking social networks was an odd enough start to my day. I found myself looking around, wondering what to do with myself while I had my morning coffee. I ignored my dilemma and went about my media free day.

For me, going without music is by far the hardest challenge. It is my way of blocking stress out and it gets me through any day. However, walking to class I noticed more about my surroundings. I heard the sound of the wind and not just Adele’s voice blasting in my ear. Although time seemed to go slower, I was no longer oblivious or in my own world. Instead of paying attention to what everyone on twitter was doing, I was focused on what I was actually doing.

After my classes I went about my daily routine or at least I tried to. Having assignments to complete and errands to run, I should be focused. I decided not to stop in my dorm to browse the web, but to go straight to the library. Honestly, I felt good..well at first. I had barely texted that day or listened to music. I was only on my computer for school purposes and I had not even glanced at my twitter once.As I was looking for a seat, I thought about how “free” I should be feeling and how much work I can now complete because I agreed to take a break from all of these distractions. I soon realized “free” was not such a positive term in this case. “Free” soon turned into a feeling of isolation.

As I sat down to be responsible and start my work, I automatically typed Facebook into my search engine. This action was not what I had intended, but it was simply just a habit I have gotten so used to. I quickly clicked out, remembering I had deactivated my account. During that afternoon I anticipated getting a lot accomplished due to the fact I was avoiding media, but to my surprise that did not happen. I had the constant urge to check my phone and I felt uneasy not knowing if anyone was trying to get in contact with me. I suddenly felt out of touch with the world around me and merely out of the loop. So yes, unfortunately I caved.

From that point on I realized it seems everything I do or see is in someway involved with media. Aside from studying or face-to-face conversations, I am consumed with mass media. I have noticed I am accustomed to turning to my laptop for everything. Music, television, social networks, and the answers to all of my questions are all bundled into my laptop and smartphone. Without it.. I am lost. Nobody wants to be the last to know something and without media that would undoubtedly happen. After so much dependency and yes even a bit of addiction, I admit, I cannot fully go without media. It has certainly gotten to the point where our generation has gotten maybe too connected, but that beats not being connected at all any day. There is a medium between being too consumed and not at all; a medium in which we all have to find.